Technology at Paragon Group

Strategic platforms that facilitate digital and physical customer communication and streamline the office services supply chain.

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A unified platform that simplifies complex purchasing experiences and integrates centralised brand control with local autonomy to deliver measurable marketing efficiencies and cost reductions

PEP Platform
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ePro provides clients with the potential to “self-serve” access to a flexible print management service. Specifications may be uploaded by our clients, leaving Paragon’s experts to seek the best end-product and pricing options.  Alternatively, catalogued items may be called off through ePro’s integrated stock management.  ePro then becomes the vehicle for managed delivery of on-demand and pre-packaged products to an organisation’s diverse sites and end customers.  Secure, work-flowed decision-making and tiered approval is used throughout to minimise the need for hands-on support from placement of order, through delivery and on to payment.

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OnePlatform is a complete, fully integrated suite of communication solutions. It is the foundation system for our integrated inbound and outbound capabilities, and links clients with our expert creative agencies and data scientists, as well as our regional production facilities.  

OnePlatform’s value comes in part from its ability to enable clients, should they wish to, to take control and adjust the physical and digital mix of real-time marketing campaigns; to respond to changing customer demand for receipt of digital and physical regulatory communications; and to change the digital asset elements on any mailing to reflect the individual consumer being targeted.  When combined with our integrated Inbound services, it assures clients that their consumers are being cared for at every point in the customer journey and lifecycle.


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Our Office Services Division enables the client workplace through access to a broad range of office workplace services and products.

By providing an intuitive tool by which to search, select and order these services and products, we bring efficiency to the role of the Office Manager, and assure our clients’ employees have all they need to be effective whether working from the corporate office or, more frequently, the home office. 

SmartPad clients will have access to a tailored and best-price catalogue, while also having the potential to select from a product line of more than 100,000 items, each with real-time stock availability and with assured delivery service level agreements. 

Promotions, product information and comparisons provides a high quality market-place experience, whilst benefiting from consolidated billing, delivery and customer support


Being part of a federated group of companies allows us to harness the value of each business while enjoying our freedom and independence to focus on our clients’ needs.

Our four divisions are aligned to provide our customers with a logical and consistent set of products and services. As we have grown, we have consolidated our portfolio of tools while maintaining the capabilities our clients demand. Utilising the latest technology, we have invested in four strategic platform capabilities that shape our future technology vision:  PEP, OnePlatform, SmartPad and ePro.

Together, they address demand across our diverse client base, delivering value in the marketing, regulatory, operational and procurement functions.  They are divisionally focused, yet each can be accessed by any part of Paragon to deliver a client service, providing flexibility and focus at the same time.

At the heart of each is reliable, secure data processing, whether in support of a procurement transaction and its fulfilment, the development and production of a marketing campaign, or the delivery of a large-scale regulatory communication across multiple channels.  Each platform offers the potential to integrate with client back-end systems to reduce hand-off points, and to drive efficient operations with readily available service delivery, performance and status management information.

Our Group CIO connects technology teams across all of our businesses, to access experience, solutions and delivery partners when we need them. By allowing each division and business to adopt technology that matches local customer and regulatory needs, we can be confident that we are providing relevant services that add value to all our clients while leveraging the best technology and skills available within the Group.

As a partner of choice we give our clients the services they need, when they need them