We deliver value and prosperity for all our stakeholders and for our planet through state-of-the art, sustainable solutions. These solutions are built on ethical relationships with all our partners, by nurturing our diverse talent and developing people across our business.

Customer First

Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We work hard every day to deliver excellence to our customers.


Nurturing People and Talent

We promote an environment of hard work and commitment with an entrepreneurial spirit, and respect for our colleagues across our international cultures. We support people to grow and develop, to maximise their personal potential and to enjoy what they do. Our strong team spirit and passion for what we do is central to our success.

View Paragon UK Gender Pay Gap Report


Technology Driven

Our particular expertise is bringing together a range of technologies in to one seamless solution for a client. We continually invest to offer best in class solutions and much of the technology we use has been developed by Paragon, often integrating with existing technologies to perform specific functions.


Socially Responsible

We uphold high ethical standards in respect of the environment, our local communities, and other stakeholders in our business. We conform to many environmental standards and work closely with the community leaders where our facilities our located. Latest details available on request.


Building Sustainable Relationships

We work very closely with our clients to create long-term sustainable partnerships with many spanning decades. Equally, we work with suppliers and channel partners in an open and collaborative way to foster firm relationships creating mutual benefit.