Site Environmental Management

The activity at our own production sites plays an important role in delivering life-cycle sustainability

This is an area over which we have direct control. 

Our sustainability programmes are embedded into our LEAN manufacturing and facilities management programmes. 93% of our production locations hold ISO 14001, ISO 50001 or ISO 9001 certifications. These management systems provide the framework to drive both site and group level improvements to our sustainability reporting, efficiency, and emissions. 

Our improvement programmes focus on reducing our impact on our local and global environments in the following areas: 

  • Production efficiency – Lean manufacturing, kit optimisation and upgrades
  • Procurement of renewable energy at 83% of our locations
  • Facilities efficiency – Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; lighting; and facilities infrastructure 
  • Waste management and recycling to support the circular economy
  • Reduction and removal of packaging and single-use items. Supply chain governance and supply chain consolidation
  • Use of FSC or PEFC paper at production locations

Specific programmes across our production facilities in the reporting period include: 

  • Consolidation of work and production locations
  • Lighting upgrades to LED technology
  • Air conditioning upgrades to production sites, offices, and server rooms
  • Refresh of production equipment to more energy-efficient kit
  • Investigation into photovoltaic panels at our larger locations