We specialise in the design of brilliant customer communication strategies

By maximising the impact and efficiency of communications, we help our clients to increase both brand loyalty and the satisfaction of their customers while reducing environmental impact. 

The lifecycle analysis of sustainability embeds eco-design into our products to optimise our use of resources and limit our environmental impact. 

In our production operations, our approach to eco-design optimises: 

  • Raw material usage: Optimisation of paper grammage, recyclability and end-of-life treatment 
  • Product design: Size and layout optimisation, eco-friendly inks, and ink coverage 
  • Production process: Reduction of printing steps, robotisation, and partnerships 
  • Site optimisation: Responsible site management, and producing closer to the end customer
  • Packaging: Reduction and elimination of packaging, wrapping and associated materials 
  • Transportation and delivery optimisation: Journey planning and optimised production locations 
  • Data analysis and modelling to target recipients at the right time, with the right format and the right information
  • End-of-life treatment

In addition to the carbon saved, this approach measures and delivers wider sustainability and environmental metrics and improvements. 

To support our eco-design, we utilise a number of different frameworks, certifications and tools across our regions, including: 

  • Using stock that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
  • Use of ‘Blue Angel’ for envelope manufacture
  • POPAI Sustain, a tool designed to determine life-cycle analysis for point-of-sale products